How to create your market website

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What is a market website?

Picture your market as a lively place with lots of customers. Now, think about making your market visible to people not just in your city, but in other cities across the country! Your market's website is like a special window that shows all the cool things you have for sale and attracts new customers.

Why is a website helpful to your market?

  1. Reach More People: You can sell things to people who are not just in your town but in other towns and cities too!
  2. Always Open: Even when the market is closed, your online market is always open for people to see and buy things.
  3. Show What You Offer: You can display all your products and their prices for everyone to see
  4. Unique Brand: Your market gets its own name on the internet, like having a special sign for your shop.
  5. More Control: You can make your website look exactly how you want it to.
  6. Long-Term Investment: Building your market's brand online is like planting seeds for it to grow bigger in the future.

What is a domain name?

Your market needs an online name. It's kind of like a phone number but for the internet, so customers and members can find you easily. We offer two types:

Subdomain: It's like having a shop inside a big mall, and it's easy to set up. It's free with your when you create a market on Amana Market for any subscription plan, and it shares the trust of the Amana Market brand (e.g.,

Custom Domain Name: It's like having your very own address on the internet (e.g., This makes your market stand out, helps build your own brand, and gives you more control. (This option is available only for paid subscribers).


  • You need to create your market on Amana Market

Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow the guidelines in the video below to create your market website


Setting up a market website is simple – Once you are logged in, click on the website on the left menu, fill in the information you want your market members to see, add your logo and a picture of your market, optionally you can purchase a custom domain name if you are on the paid subscription . It's a fast and easy process, ensuring you and your market members can quickly become part of the Amana Market community and enjoy all the excellent services we provide.

Next Steps

  • Purchase your custom domain

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