How to Manage Market Account as a Leader Market

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As a Market Leader, this guide will walk you through managing a market account, which includes making withdrawals, paying market members, accessing information on total member borrowing amounts, and managing market insurance contributions.


Before you begin:

  • You are required to be a market leader. You have created a market yourself or you are voted in as a Market Leader , if you are not, follow this detailed guide on how to create a market: Create a market or join a market.
  • Once you've registered, log in to your account.

The features steps below, but first you navigate to Account page:

1. Withdrawal: Withdrawal here refers to the process of transferring either some or all of the funds from a Market Wallet to a bank account recognised by the market. Please note that to perform this action, you must hold the role of Market Leader.

Next a pop up will show up Asking for your Bank Account, Back Name and Amount. Note all field are required.

Once fill out all field, you can click the next button to proceed.

2. Payout: Payout refers to the process of funding a market member's account, allowing the member to choose whether to use the funds for transactions within the market or to withdraw them to their personal bank account.

Click on the payout button

Next is to select a market member you want to fund his account and click on payout

The next screen will require you to input an Amount and a note, once done click the next button

Next, an OTP will be sent to your registered phone number. This is to ensure that security measures are taken.

input and click the Payout button to perform the transaction

3. Market Insurance: This card displays the generated insurance contributions made by your market members. with which the generated amount can be used to insure a market member when needed.

4. Total Member Borrowing: The last card displays the total borrowed amount from your market by market members. Additionally, it shows the market borrowing limit. If this limit is exceeded, market members will be unable to borrow further.


The Account Management page provides a Market Leader with a set of tools. These tools allow them to withdraw funds from the market, pay market members, access the total sum of insurance, and view the total sum of borrowed amounts made by the members.

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